Moderne Skin

modern skin

Moderne Skin cares about our Earth and want it to be a better place for your children and our children to live it. Our concern for our bodies and our environment should not stop with the care of our homes. In an effort to support ECO friendly manufacturing of products and related resources we are serious about making a difference. We strive to use natural packaging, ingredients and recycled paper products whenever possible. It is important that we all work make positive choices and partner with companies that share our values. We are determined to produce a range of products that have meaningful levels of active ingredients, and most importantly really work and bring skin care products to a new level.• Natural and plant-based ingredients.• Natural ethical and cruelty-free products.• Recyclable Packaging and Shipping Materials• Healing Solutions• No Synthetic Fragrances• No Harsh Detergents• No Mineral Phosphates• No Sulphates• No GMO Ingredients added •

Moderne Skin Price List

Citrus Scrub (8 oz)                                           $52.00

Lactic and Green Tea Cleanser (8 oz)           $52.00

Lactic and Green Tea Moisturizer (8 oz)      $52.00

Healing Repair Cream (1.7 oz)                        $64.00

My Absolute Favorite!

Papaya Enzyme Hand and Body Lotion (8 oz)                $28.00

Soothing Recovery Mask (1.7 oz)                                      $40.00

Sulfur Therapeutic Mask (2 oz)                                         $42.00


Firming Collagen Peptide Serum (2 oz)                            $86.00

Travel Kits                                                                             $30.00

    Debbi DiMaggio

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One thought on “Moderne Skin

  1. Hi Debbi, It’s Amy Logan’s pal Vickie (how can you forget me!) I’d love to order two of your green tea cleansers and two of your green tea moisturizers. Tell me how to get more of your great products. Thanks.

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